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September 2017 Updates

There’s nothing worse than being so busy that you forget to update a website. We’re guilty of that! But if you follow us Facebook, you’ll discover that we’ve been creating ‘balls of madness’ and passing them out as gifts to the world. Our meetings at Judy’s Bar & Restaurant remind us of the TV show ‘Pinky & The Brain’. Every Monday night, we’re trying to take over the comedy world! If a subject or topic was in the news, on television, or posted in cyberspace…you know we made fun of it!  At this point we’re certifiable!


A surprise visit by Eric Owusu:
Eric was in town and it was like a homecoming. Since moving to L.A., we don’t get to see him too often.  His stories about working in the entertainment industry are was amazing and inspirational. Having a founding member the group like winning a webbie award. Most people don’t know you have it except you…and you’ll treasure it forever. Or until you pawn it.

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Film production with Bad Medicine:

If you’re planning on producing video shorts or youtube videos, volunteering is one of the (and FREE) ways to learn what’s involved to create one. We had a blast working with the gang at Bad Medicine for their latest video short.  It was a day of laughter and building new friendships.  We’re looking forward to watching it in the future.


Member Spotlight: Cristina Payne

The amount of work that Cristina has put into Ben’s Upstairs is simply mind boggling. In just a few short months, she created one of the best weekly showcases in the city.  Did we happen to mention the shows are free? There is also an open mic after the showcase for up-and-coming comedians to participate in after the main event. Thursday nights have a new home for comedy!



Mentor Spotlight: Kelley Baker (aka “The Angry Filmmaker”)

Kelley Baker wrote the book when it comes to learning how to create inexpensive films. Actually, he wrote a few of them.  His workshops and classes are amazing. Now he’s launching a new campaign to promote his new book ‘Road Dog’ on Indiegogo. We are huge fans of his work and hope you will support him on this project. You can also find him at www.angryfilmmaker.com .


Baltimore Comedy Writing Group:

We were delighted to help Baltimore reboot their comedy writing group. If you’re in that part of town, check out their monthly meetings at the Single Carrot Theater. They usually meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Please check out their Facebook page for more details.


The Free DC Comedy Festival:

Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions for this event. While the venues are not confirmed yet, the target date is the third week in November. It will consist primarily of comedy writing workshops. More info will be provided at www.freedccomedyfestival.com in the future.

In a nutshell, those are the highlights. We look forward to seeing you crazy kids at the meeting. See ya’ next time!

Keep writing!

Wayne & Mandy

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