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February 2017 Updates

Hey Gang:

If ‘Mother Nature’ had a Facebook profile, the world would like her status for providing us with one of the best Februaries EVER! Anyone who pays heating bills did their happy dance to celebrate this wonderful warm weather. We were delighted to see some many people attending our recent meetings. The amount of new material being developed by our members is simply delightful!  This ‘Kilroy’ tribute picture by our co-founder Mandy Dalton is hilarious!

Our meetings are held every Monday at Judy’s Bar & Restaurant (2212 14th St NW) at 8:30 pm. Bring yer pens, pads, and yer funny!

The Final RFD Show:

One of D.C.’s longest-running comedy shows decided to call it a day. After five successful years, Ralph Cooper retired his weekly open mic show at RFD. Highly regarded as one of the best shows in the city, this room launched the careers of several comedians in the area. For the final show, the list of comics who came to pay tribute was astonishing. How he remembered to take this picture during the wee hours is beyond us. We’re looking forward to Ralph’s next comedy project at RFD.

The Duffy’s Comedy Show

It was a delight for us to host a comedy show this month at Duffy’s Irish Pub.  And when it comes to comedy, everyone is a target. Especially us! Here’s the caption our co-founder Wayne Manigo wrote about this photo:

“This picture was leaked from the upcoming film ‘The Blues Brothers 2017: D.C. and Beyond!

“We’re getting the band back together!”

Ralph Cooper is wearing the white jacket so you know he’s the lead singer.  Mr. Cooper looks upset because he can’t release his solo project until we complete this album first. Frank James is delighted that we got him out of that deal with Suge Knight/Death Row records.”

We’re looking forward to hosting the next show sometime in April. Stay tuned for the details!

Judy Carter has joined Instagram:

We are huge fans of Judy Carter. Her book ‘The Comedy Bible’ is probably the first book every aspiring comedian purchases when they decide to learn how to write comedy. This month we were delighted to discover she created an account on Instagram. You can find her at @judycartercomedy.

Comedy Tip:

Steve Kaplan’s book ‘The Hidden Tools of Comedy’, provides a suggestion that comedy writers should utilize:


“The writer’s group is an indispensable tool for comedy, because comedy doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The best way to find out whether something is funny is to read it out loud in a group of people. If there’s no laughter, you might have a problem. And a writer’s group is usually an amazing (and free!) resource of story ideas, beat sheets, plot point troubleshooting, gags, job leads, and talent rep referrals.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what other madness you crazy kids develop this year, and helping you with your comedy writing projects. BTW – Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@dccomedywriters).

Keep writing!

Wayne & Mandy

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